Saturday, April 9, 2011


Totally in black...even the nail polish. So happy about the sunshine...but so unhappy about my freckles which all come out at springtime...

Komplett in schwarz...sogar der Nagellack. Ich bin so glücklich über den Sonnenschein...und so unglücklich über meine Sommersprossen, die im Frühling alle rauskommen...

dress: Diesel
blouse: Jaja
tights: C&A
shoes: Marsèll


  1. as usual, love your style and your pictures. i can't tell if the leather bra is part of the dress, but it's fantastic! you look adorable in the picture where you're smiling :)

  2. Great total black outfit. I agree with have a fab smile

  3. Hey girls,
    thank you so much for your compliment!
    @indie.electronic:the leather bra is part of the dress. It looks much better with nothing under, but as it was not warm enough, I had to wear the blouse under...Have a great sunday!

  4. in love with your style,hair,skin tone ! <3
    xoxo from spain sweet !

  5. Oh wow, das Outfit ist ja spektakulär! Ich finde ja, schwarz kann man absolut immer tragen, meine Frühlinge & Sommer der letzten Jahre waren alle komplett schwarz :-D
    Deine Sommersprossen sind hübsch, also bitte nicht ärgern :-)

  6. if it's true! all wear sunglasses, but in my country is always (or almost always) there is lots of sunshine! hehe
    thanx for your commnet, I am very happy that you like the post. kisses

  7. You are very classy and stylish ! I love black and I use it during the whole year, I know we're supposed to use colors a lot during spring but I have already bought a few black dresses cause black is black !!!

  8. Stunning outfit!!!You look amazing and total black is always so chic!!!

  9. you're rockin' that bustier! beautiful!
    i'm following youu ;)

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  11. Brilliant outfit! I adore the picture of your smiling :)

    About the Moroccan Oil: I'm guessing you bleach your hair? If so, you may want to try Moroccan Oil Light (I heard the normal one will change your hair colour if it is light)

  12. Gah! You're so gorgeous. This outfit is really amazing. Lovely photos as always!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  13. Gorgeous outfit!!! I love your dress =)

    Following you, hope you follow me too!

  14. your outfit is FIERCE!
    from the hair to the boots to the leather bustier!u are rocking this look!

  15. wow, this dress is incredible! I love the leather top part. The way you paired the blouse underneath looks great too- lovely sleeves xx

  16. i have a leather vest that rarely gets used...thanks for the inspiration!