Tuesday, May 24, 2011

fallen in love

For years (!!) I've been looking for the right shoes to my long elegant dress. It is pink colored and for me it was impossible to find the right shape and color of shoe to combine to this dress. I gave up my search as there were no instances for wearing it. Until I got an invitation to one of my best friend's wedding. I knew straight away I'm gonna wear my pink elegant dress. Her wedding is in July, still enough time...but I started early enough searching as I knew it could take me weeks until I've found the perfect shoe. I was distressed after I checked all existing online shops all over the world. Too dark, too light, too drama queen, too lady-like, too aggressive, too expensive, look cheap, too closed, too open, too wild, too simple...And then, suddenly, unexpectedly, I saw them. These Camilla Skovgaard heels. Grey/nude color which goes perfect with pink, still elegant, a touch of aggressivity and the shape, the plateau, the heel and the studs - just perfect. I fell in love immediately. I came home and told Steffen another time how difficult it is to find the perfect shoes to my pink dress. He said: 'I'm gonna show you the ones I'd prefer.' And he came up with these Camilla Skovgaard sandals. I was stunned. 

Jahrelang (!!) war ich auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Paar Schuhe zum langen eleganten Kleid. Es ist pink und es schien unmöglich zu sein, den richtigen Schuh mit der richtigen Form und Farbe dazu zu finden. Ich gab meine Suche auf, schließlich stand auch kein Anlass an, um mein Kleid auszuführen. Bis ich die Einladung zur Hochzeit einer meiner besten Freundin bekommen habe. Ich wusste sofort, dass ich mein pinkes Kleid anziehen würde. Ihre Hochzeit ist erst im Juli, also noch genug Zeit...trotzdem begann ich rechtzeitig mit meiner Suche, da ich wusste, es könnte Wochen dauern, bis ich den perfekten Schuh dazu gefunden habe. Ich war verzweifelt, nachdem ich alle Online Shops der gesamten Welt durchforstet hatte. Zu dunkel, zu hell, zu tussihaft, zu lady-like, zu aggressiv, zu teuer, wirken billig, zu geschlossen, zu offen, zu wild, zu einfach...Und dann, plötzlich, völlig unerwartet, da sah ich sie. Diese Camilla Skovgaard Heels. Grau/ hautfarben, perfekt zu pink, elegant und ein Hauch von Aggressivität. Die Form, das Plateau und die Nieten - einfach perfekt. Ich war sofort verliebt. Zum hundertsten Mal erzählte ich Steffen, wie schwierig es ist, den passenden Schuh zu meinem pinken Kleid zu finden. Er sagte: 'Ich zeig' Dir mal welche, die ich gut dazu fände.' Und da waren sie, die Camilla Skovgaard Heels. Ich war baff.


  1. They are perfect! Everything about them is just gorgeous and I can only imagine how lovely they'll look with your pink dress! Can't wait to see photos!


  2. It's a good thing you kept up your search and didn't settle for second best - these shoes are absolutely amazing, I've never seen such innovative AND practical footwear!

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  3. that beautiful! ideal for your collection of original shoes! hehe;)

  4. I want these too!!


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  6. Those are some hot shoes! I wish I had the leg power to strut around in those. Can't wait to see what you pair them with. :)

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  7. Thats a sweet story! And of course amazing shoes!! I love when men do surprises for us, beauties:)
    Marusya V
    p.s. I gave your blog the Award!!! Come, pick it up:)

  8. ;) thanks; glad that you like them!
    @fashionismyh2o: I will definitely send you the complete combi with dress and shoes. Latest on the wedding of my friend in July ;)

    @Love: well, don't know yet, if they are practical, but after walking around in our apartment, they felt really comfortable ;)

    @lisa signorini: ;)) thanks that you like them! ;)

    @Ms LadyCakes: well, I don't know if I have the power to strut around in these. At least I'm gonna try ;) post will come soon with the whole combination. Hope you'll like it...

    @Marusya V: thanks darling for mentioning my blog on your last post! That made me really happy! Kiss


  9. wow sehr schöne Schuhe, extravagant und gut:)

  10. oh i'm in love with this shoes!!!