Saturday, May 14, 2011


Going out without make up? Impossible for me. Maybe on holiday on the beach, but nowhere else. I don't know why but I really feel naked without mascara, concealer and blush. 
Some years ago I used a cream foundation by Shiseido. It was perfect for my dry skin, had a really good covering power and the right skin tone for me. I've been using it for so many years, lucky to have it. Until it disappeared in all stores. I was so disappointed as it took me years to find the right one. If I just knew they gonna take it off the market, I would have bought hundreds of packages... Anyway.
 I'm now using MAC foundation and concealer and I'm satisfied (none will be able to replace the Shiseido foundation). 
blush / rouge:
I must admit that the MAC blush (peach) is not my favorite color, I think I have to go back to peach color by Yves Saint Laurent which is amazing.
The lipsticks by YSL are greasy and perfect for my dry lips, but actually I'm not a lipstick and lipliner user. I love lipstick on others but not on me. Mostly I just put some clear gloss on my lips. 
Mascara is also a difficult thing. Most of them glue the eyelashes and drop off after few hours. Lancôme Hypnose mascara is the one I'm happy with at the moment. 
For the eyelids I'm using Artdeco - they have wonderful dull colors (I 'm not a big fan of the shiny ones). In the past I was using Manhatten eyeshadows which are also really good. 
A must-have for my small eyes is a white eyeliner. Curled eyelashes and white eyeliner in the inner part of the eyes have an amazing effect - the eyes appear bigger and freshly. Chanel white eyeliner is so soft and creamy - it's the best I've ever had. The Artdeco one is not smoothy and intense enough for me (one of my mispurchases which have to be utilized)
 Still looking for the perfect black liquid eyeliner. I'm using Artdeco at the moment, not really satisfied with it as the black color is not sticking perfectly on the lids. Maybe you have a suggestion?


  1. Dein make-up soll sehr gut sein weil du sehr hübsch and natural aussiehst. Versucht in das deine Shisheido Produkt zu finden, sie haben alles dass man vorstellen können( und haben das Shisheido exclusiv in Spanien). Viel Glück.

  2. I love MAC. I just bought some great MAC lipgloss the other day in a bright coral color! I would love for you stop by and check out my blog if you want!

    Live Life in Style

  3. Oi, adorei o seu blog! já sou seguidora e queria convidar você para conhecer o meu cantinho!!! Vou amar receber a sua visita!! Beijos!!!

  4. I have never tried white eyeliner! But now I'm intrigued. Thanks for the awesome tip!

  5. i will always forever love any lancome mascara. I currently use their newest hypnose drama and it is really incredible. As far as eyeliner goes, i really love the chanel waterproof one. i forget its name at the moment but it isnt a pencil but one of those liners you have to keep twisting like a lipstick. I love it, it stays in place.


  6. Being a makeup artist, I LOOOOOOOVE seeing what other people use :)

    I would recommend MAC or Bobbi Brown's gel pot for 'liquid' and Wet'n'Wild for pencil (not sure if they sell it where you are tho)

  7. Dear readers! You are so cute! Thanks for your comments!
    @dressingup-everyday: thanks for your suggestion! I'll check it out!
    @Alexa: I'm gonna try it out! Bobbi Brown is also one of my favorite make up brands. Thanks for your recommendation!