Thursday, June 30, 2011


When I moved out of my parents' house at the age of 21, I felt free and independent. Not being forced to clean up my room and to justify why the saturday night was lasting until the next morning. Putting my feet on the coffee table whenever feeling like doing it and eating pizza in the dining room instead of the kitchen...Great to be your own host and decide everything by yourself. But there are days, when I think back to the time sitting on the terrace with my family, joking around and having mum's homemade "Borsch" soup and "Pelimeni". Tomorrow is my dad's birthday and it's hard to know they live so far away from Berlin as my family really means a lot to me and is a big part of my life. And although I love them so much, living in an own apartment is irreplaceable ;)

Als ich mit 21 aus dem Haus meiner Eltern ausgezogen bin, fühlte ich mich frei und unabhängig. Nicht mehr zum Zimmer Aufräumen gezwungen zu werden oder sich rechtfertigen zu müssen, warum die letzte Samstag Nacht bis zum nächsten Morgen andauerte. Die Füße auf den Couchtisch zu legen wann immer man sich danach fühlt und Pizza nicht in der Küche, sondern im Wohnzimmer zu essen...großartig der eigene Herr zu sein. Aber es gibt Tage, da erinnere ich mich an die Zeit zurück, als wir mit der Familie auf der Terrasse gesessen haben, uns Witze erzählt haben und Mamas selbst gemachte "Borsch"-Suppe oder "Pelimeni" gegessen haben. Morgen ist der Geburtstag meines Vaters und es macht es schwer zu wissen, dass sie so weit weg wohnen. Meine Familie bedeutet mir sehr viel und spielt in meinem Leben eine sehr große Rolle. Und obwohl ich die so sehr liebe, in seiner eigenen Wohnung zu wohnen ist doch unersetzlich ;)    

top (old): dsquared
jeans: Bershka
shoes: Tiggers


  1. always have such fun top!! I love the back!!


  2. Hot outfit!

    PS - I totally know what you mean about being loving living on your own but missing the good 'ole family days. :)


  3. Thanks girls!
    Kisses from Berlin!


  4. first of all,living by yourself and being independent is one of the most valuable things in a young person's life.also dear i can understand u feel u feel alone when being away from ur home and family,it's totally normal :)))
    lovely outfit,ur yellow pants are soooo amazing!

  5. Thanks girls!
    @Katjusha: na klar..hab ja Dich...;) Ist ja nur die Familie, die manchmal fehlt...
    @Despina: ;) your sentence is so heart-warming. Thank you sweetie...


  6. you know always be extraordinarily special in your outfit!


  7. 1. I'm totally loving this outfit. I swear, I know I say this all the time on your blog, but you seriously have the most amazing unique pieces ever!! I love it, and the color combo for this look is fab, and the whole outfit fits you so well!!

    2. I totally know what you mean about family. I couldn't wait to move out of the house and get out on my own, do things when I wanted and never have to be told what to do again, but my family also lives far away from me now, and I find myself missing the days when I lived closer to home...It's funny how tables turn as you get older...

    Live Life in Style

  8. @Shasie: thanks! I always wanted to be different. Never wearing the same stuff like everybody else has. Some people like it, some don't but I think the most important thing is that I feel good wearing these clothes ;)
    And you're absolutely right. Things change when you get older...;)


  9. love this outfit! you definitely rock it! great shoes!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  10. love it!! you look fantatsic!! :D


  11. nice shoes^^happy birthday to your dad