Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hong Kong part 1

Luckily our flight has not been cancelled and we could go to the city I always dreamed of...The first we did when we arrived in Hong Kong, we went to Wooloo-mooloo steak house. It has been recommended by our friend and from this restaurant's balcony, it was an unbelievable view over the city. For me the most unbelievable I ever had. 
Steffen said, it was the best steak ever. And for me it was the best view I ever had. So we really recommend you to go to Wooloo-mooloo steak house.  
The next day we went from Kowloon side to Hong Kong Island by Star Ferry. The view was not perfect, but still amazing... 
 Hongkongnese people have exactly that kind of style I really love...Unfortunately Steffen didn't consider to take a picture of the crazy shoes the guy was wearing. 
The Peak was our next station. I just couldn't get enough to see all these skyscrapers and huge buildings....
LD Tuttle flat shoes with feathers.
Most of the time I was wearing comfortable outfits and of course flat shoes. Otherwise I wouldn't survive walking hundreds of kilometers. Nevertheless I still got paints in my feet.
In the Causeway Bay area we discovered some really nice boutiques. Some of them were really hidden. Luckily we had the exact addresses, otherwise we wouldn't have found them as some of them were in private apartments or backyards - real insider tips. 
These shops had really nice interiors with a kind of underground style...
It was Wednesday mid night and the streets were crowded. Everywhere you look, full and crowded with people. After we came back to Berlin, it felt like we live in a really small village ;)
More photos from Hong Kong to follow within the next few days!  Hope I'll overcome my jet lag. I really feel tired. Hope you had a nice time!


  1. I used to go to HK all the time when I was younger, living in the Philippines. Thank you for reminding me about how wonderful it is!

    I'm glad you're enjoying the fashion in HK. You definitely need to check out Tokyo! :)

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  2. great pics! i would love to visit it!!! kisses

  3. these photos are amazing!i didn't know hong kong was such a beautifull city!i loved the pics from the roof top!awesome view :) i really like your hair too :)))

  4. Amazing pics!!! I whish I was there!

  5. Hi there! Thanks for your sweet comments!
    @Ms LadyCakes: actually Tokyo was the city we wanted to go to, but because of the earthquake we had to switch. Hope to visit Tokyo some day.

  6. Oh starbuck, I don’t care about the coffee, I care about the way you have to drink the coffee. Just walking around with your cup, best start of the day. I love the pics girl, it looks like you are having an amazing time. Those sandals are insane girl, like one of the most interesting I have seen ever.