Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Old people are so cute. The lady below was dancing to techno music ;) After Steffen 
gave her some chump change, she asked to check out her website ;) so funny
These shoes are probably the most antique-looking I've seen so far. 
The designer is the Libyan Joseph Debach. All shoes are handmade. 
They are so unique, too pity for wearing.

Ice cream parlor with 150 different types of ice cream....unbelievable.... 
It was terribly hot in Rome. So drinking a lot of water and above all having as much ice cream as possible ;) It was very convenient that Rome has so many ice-cream parlors. But to come to a decision with a selection of 150 (!!!) different varieties of ice cream is almost impossible. 10-scoop-cups were our solution...While we're on the subject food: pasta, pizza and fresh seafood were my basic food all three days long. Whether scampi, clams or lobsters - I simply cannot get enough of this yummy mini sea animals. Each time before I ordered, Steffen suspected that the smell with the flavor from fish and the fine pinch of sea air would dominate at the table. I do not want to be inconsiderate, but I just cannot resist… 
Rome is really worth a journey. It feels, as if you'd have been carried back thousand of years. Historical, antique and very valuable.

Es war unheimlich heiß in Rom. Also viel Wasser trinken und vor allem viel Eis essen hieß es für uns ;)  Da kamen uns die vielen Eisdielen für eine Abkühlung zwischendurch gerade recht. Aber bei einer Auswahl von 150 (!!!) verschiedenen Eissorten fällt einem die Entscheidung mehr als schwer. Da mussten schon mal aus lauter Gier 10-Kugel-Becher dran glauben. Und wenn wir schon beim Thema Essen sind: Pasta, Pizza und frische Meeresfrüchte waren drei Tage lang mein Grundnahrungsmittel.  Ob Scampi, Venusmuscheln oder Hummer - ich kann einfach nicht genug von diesen leckeren Fischtierchen bekommen. Steffen ahnte vor jeder meiner Bestellungen, dass mal wieder der Geruch mit dem Aroma aus Meeresfrüchten und Fisch mit der feinen Prise Meeresluft am Tisch dominieren würde. Ich will ja nicht rücksichtslos sein, aber ich kann dem einfach nicht widerstehen...
Rom ist immer wieder eine Reise wert. Es fühlt sich an, als wäre man soeben tausend Jahre zurückversetzt worden. Historisch, altertümlich und sehr wertvoll.


  1. Amazing post! Looks like you had a great time in Rome, sorry it was SO hot. That ice cream looks really good and you look so pretty in that white dress.

    Great post

  2. WOW those shoe displays are amazing!! Rome looks so dreamy, I hope to visit it one day... hope it's not that hot! Cute outfit too!


  3. things i want in this post: white dress, native american head dress, and that ice cream :)

  4. fabulous post, full of beauty and good life.You look amazing on the white dress.
    XX. Yoana

  5. bella roma! love the pictures - you have amazing hair! x

  6. Hope you had a great time in Italy!!!Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!!!