Monday, July 25, 2011

best friend's wedding

Hello my lovely readers! I'm back again and so sorry for my long absence of blogging. 
I hope I can make up for it with these photos. Saturday was my best friend's wedding and I wanted to share with you this unforgettable moment. Her dress was created by a spanish designer as you can guess when you pay attention to the shape of it. All these small details like the buttons on the back, the asymmetry at the shoulder and this beautiful train make it so romantic and so damn sexy at the same time. As if I was in a trance when I saw my friend Mila in this beautiful dress - comprehensible that Alex as the groom was moved to tears...

Hallo meine lieben Leser! Ich bin wieder zurück und wollte mich zunächst einmal für meine lange Abwesenheit entschuldigen. Ich hoffe, ich kann es mit diesen Fotos wiedergutmachen...Samstag fand die Hochzeit meiner besten Freundin statt und ich wollte diesen unvergesslichen Moment mit Euch teilen. Ihr Kleid war die Kreation eines spanischen Designers wie man an der Form nur unschwer erkennen kann. All diese kleinen Details wie die Knöpfe in der Rückenpartie, die Asymmetrie im Schulterbereich und die wunderschöne Schleppe machen das Kleid so romantisch und zugleich so unverschämt sexy. Als ob ich für kurze Zeit in Trance versetzt wurde als ich Mila in diesem Kleid sah - verständlich, dass Alex als Bräutigam zu Tränen gerührt war...

 my dress: Versace 
shoes: Camilla Skovgaard


  1. Your Versace is lovely! love the color and all the details!

    Your best friend's dress is beautiful!! it looks gorgeous on her as well!!


  2. Omgoodness her wedding dress is amazing! And I love your bridesmaid dress, what a fun fantastic color! You ladies look so nice!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  3. I'm glad your visit!. You look fantastic in pink, but I'd like to see you in red, I think this is a great color for you.Anyway you are a pretty woman.

  4. She looks so beautiful and so do you. I love your dress, the color is amazing.

    thanks a lot for your visit and comment.

  5. OMG, all you guys look amazing!!!Your best frind is adorable and your dress is to die for!!!And your shoes...oh your shoes...

  6. Thanks girls! You're all great!
    @dressingup-everyday: Thanks honey ;) honestly red is the only color I don't like on me...don't know why. Maybe some day I'm gonna wear red ;)


  7. you must have had an amazing time!congrats to your friend dear :) your dress is gorgeous!

  8. wow meine süße!!! einfach wunderbar... das foto, wo du auf der bank sitzt ist wunderbar!

  9. Mega congratulations to your best friend she looked absolutely amazing! You look fabulous too :) absolutely so!


  10. wow,such a great post!!u look amazing!!

  11. She looks absolutely beautiful (as do you!) You two are both gorgeous :) Lovely photographs and beautiful wedding!

  12. i looooove the silhouette of the bridal gown, what a beautiful wedding!!
    and of course, your shoes are stunning!! love how you paired them with a pop pink color :)