Monday, January 2, 2017

skin care in winter

During wintertime I have to take care of my skin more than usual.
The cold outside and the heating air inside make my skin dry.
I can't do without these four products in winter:
Bio Sheabutter Pur Abis-Pharma: 
I put it on all dry parts of my skin, especially on my hands. 
It helps even against (pregnancy)-stretch marks, 
dry and spliss hair, skin aging and babys' sore bottom.
Foot Cream Neutrogena:
This is the best foot cream I know. After taking a shower I cream my feet with it and 
scarf-skin has no chance! The feet feel so soft and supple.
For my lips I use Aloe Lips Forever:
It smells very naturally and my lips get soft after 2-3 times using.
Aloe Ever-Shield Forever:
It's totally different from all other deodorant sticks I used before because 
it is soft and creamy but still has a long-lasting effect. It is not aggressive like many usual 
products are. And by the way, it doesn't stain clothing.

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